Technological tools for collaboration


Collaboration is hard (think of the most intimate format of collaboration – marriage, 48% of them fail in Canada and 53% in USA, source – divorce demography wiki). Virtual collaboration is harder.

For the four stage of (mostly offline collaboration) : form, norm, storm and perform, if we want to migrate that online, obviously we need tools which support the whole process – to know each other, to form standard and bond, to discuss and debate, until ultimate to produce outcomes and develop portfolios.

What are some existing technological tools available to facilitate this process? Are they fragmented along the process or can they be integrated?

facebook iconlinkedin Icon

Profiling – we want to feel we are cooperating with humans, that makes the process and impact more personal. The network of Facebook and LinkedIn make it so much easier to establish a profile and network both in personal and professional context.

wechatGoogle hangout iconslack iconSkypeCommunication – There are numerous communication tools in the market. They can be in the form of either asynchronous or synchronous, pass over messages via the format of text, audio, video or multimedia. Some of them run better on mobile devices and others do so on computers.

google_docs_original_icons_by_painiax-d74oqqfCo-creation – This is where nobody does better than Google documents. For almost every group project I am in, all of them rely on Google documents and Google folder, except my projects in China. (power of firewall, see my related blog – love letter for Google)


slideshare  icon

pinterest iconyoutube icon

 e-portfolios – slideshare, pinterest, youtube are all possible e-portals for people to display their collaborative outcomes.

These technological tools are not just made for educational purpose and they are fragmented. Does it matter?



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