When most of my classmates like hockey


I have been silent for a while. There are various things keeping me busy, such as starting an online master program of educational technology. This, for the record, is my first time to do a master program purely online.

Needless to say, the first time I got onto the discussion board, I just felt like being back to school, day one. People are introducing themselves by posting photos, videos and texts. As this is an online part time program, students are of all ages, doing different roles at school (teachers, instructors, administrators). Having said that, since it is a program from one university in Canada,  most students are Canadian and they like to play hockey!

Hockey Cat

I have never played or watched hockey in my life. For the last decade, I had been living in places with little snow or ice.

In a real classroom situation, I can probably switch topics to talk about the teacher, weather, furnitures of the classroom and overall program. However, in this online community, my classmates may well take different courses than I do, we don’t know the instructor yet, my weather is different from theirs. And to talk about the virtual classroom furniture might not be that exciting.

When most of my online classmates like Hockey, what do I do to meet my buddy?



2 thoughts on “When most of my classmates like hockey

  1. Hi Minji,
    Don’t worry, it’s just something that they are sure others will know about, so it’s easy to start a conversation. As a Canadian myself, I think they are probably nice people, so you should say something that shows you don’t know anything about hockey, like “Oh, hockey sounds interesting! What kind of ball do they use?” and then everyone will try to help you understand, and you’ll make friends.

    Mini Medical School 3rd session begins on 25 January!

    Best regards,

    • Thanks John,

      Great news about the Mini Medical School, how is your experience running the first two sessions? Was it huge amounts of work?
      Thanks for the tips about Hockey. I will try. I wrote this post as a start to explore how to address diversity in an online class. The post is a start and I am really excited about a purely online master program and doing this with UBC.

      Now ready to resume my blog as well for 2016. Happy new year!
      Keep in touch!

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