Bee has a cool job, she goes to hearts for pollination.

The hearts she visits are all different. Some of them are spaghetti, they mess around a lot which really makes Miss Bee lost at all times. It is really difficult to figure out the spaghetti where is the beginning, where is the end. Some of them are like chessboard with good signs. It is easy to go east, west, south and north. At times traveling between the grid becomes a bit boring as each block looks the same. cat and beeBee’s favourites are garden like hearts. Walking among roses she usually forget the time. There she smells the tree, walk along the stream and plays with deer and rabbits.

Well her job is to pollinate. That is she brings a bit of spaghetti sauces to the chessboard, a few chessboard signs into the garden heart, and a little rose into the chessboard heart.

‘Such a fun job!’ Cat says to Bee, eyes full of longing. ‘Well, you say so. But that is travelling always for work. One day I will retire and just be a heart traveller for myself.’ That is the dream of little Bee.


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