Together to Become


She cried herself off leaving from San Fransisco airport to Hong Kong. I pretended no one was watching me leaving from Shanghai airport to Hong Kong. We met through a common friend who wanted to buy a huge furry teddy bear from me.

The flower of friendship didn’t blossom immediately. There were plenty of things to do, plenty of parties to go, and plenty of people to hang out. We had meals and chats occasionally. We said HIs and BYEs. The initial interaction was skin-deep.

KakaotalkSomeone called fate plays us like dice and somehow we were always placed together. Going to business school, making investment, moving to banking or consulting, reading similar books so we can swap, hopping between Shanghai and Hong Kong, making travel plans to the same cities with an almost synchronized schedule, experimenting with all kinds of technological startup products, struggling with our identity, trying to find an environment which we fit.

It feels like having a comfortable pillow if you know you got someone on your back. No matter what you do, she is not there to judge. With all the secrets shared, you can read her without much efforts (vice versa).If you are upset or disappointed, you can always have her as an emergency toolkit. You have seen her in tears or in screams, without makeup, with pajama. (vice versa). For the last decade, we were becoming who we are today together. She joked my note to thank her for the friendship sounds like marriage vows.

She is taking a flight back to San Fransisco. Bon Voyage. It will be difficult to just go for dumplings with a quick call. But we will figure something out.

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