The eye borrower


Mr. M lives in a perfect neighborhood because he can borrow eyes.

Say if he wants to go diving, he knocks at the door of a fisherman. With fisherman’s eyes, he can see seahorses, corals and dolphins with much brighter color and of bigger size.

cat with goggle divingIf he wants to get on holiday then he knocks at the door of a photographer. After putting on photographer’s eyes, he can see all the beautiful things magnified. A butterfly on a flower, dews on the grass. That makes a perfect holiday.

If he goes on a plane, he makes sure he gets telescope eyes. Siting on the plane, he can see stars in the far far far galaxy.

Visiting the serious professor to borrow his eyes is something Mr. M has to do before he goes to work. With that pair of eyes, things become much more logical. ‘You got to be serious some times’ Mr. M says to himself before knocking at the door.

One day the professor and the fisherman decided to swap house for fun. Aloh, Mr. M went to work with fisherman’s eyes and started his holiday with professor’s eyes.~~~~~~~~


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