When M and I first met each other, we were both in a buzzling party city, in our twenties. M was a sport journalist intern and I had no clue what I was doing every single day. Our common interest in expressing ourselves in words gave birth to the M&M book project. She proposed us to go around every subway station and write about them, the neighborhood, the people, the spirit and the stories. A journalist in heart she has always been.

M went on for another intern post in Hyderabad, India not long after our M&M project barely started. Having much more curiosity than money, I jumped on the plane to travel around South India with her. Together we took beehive buses leading us to all bazaar but memorable experiences. That was my first interaction with India. It was hot, humid and chaotic, things I hated when I was there but missed after I left. Bus windows with three completely different types of Gods to worship. A city completely shut down hearing the death of a local movie star. To this day, India remains an extremely tempting lover of my life, something I adore but with little courage to get closer often.

ML&MM and M parted after India. She went back to Taiwan to produce documentaries and write scripts for TV shows. I, after rounds of exploration, found out web-based education is my destiny. In between, we had long Skype calls to keep in touch.

Finally we reunited sitting in a book cafe in Taipei. There is still so much to talk about, as if the years parting us have not happened. Somehow the older version of us still both kept the one thing which originally bonded us: write as an existence.


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