800px-タンポポの種(綿毛)北海道6200416Guess what mom cat gets up and does the first thing in her morning? She brushes her fur, has a small mouse plait, and goes to the garden to check their Dent-de-lion.

In cat’s world, Dent-de-lion is the plant of confidence. Usually the seed is very tiny sometimes it blossoms sometimes it does not. It is very very fragile when it is small. When the wind comes, they will just be blown away and never been seen.

Therefore it is very critical to take very good care of it and see it grow. This means Dent-del-lion needs many friends such as mom cat who goes to the garden every morning to see: if it is growing or withering, does it need more water or sun or less of them. It needs a strong and rich soil to feed on. It also needs protection from bugs and worms who might sneak in and eat it away. For some of the bad years, a drought or typhoon comes to destroy all of it. But it does not happen often and some how there is always some seed left to grow back again.

This year has been good. Sun is shining and rain has been plenty. Mom cat is waiting for the Dent-del-lion to grow, extending all over the whole neighborhood so every cat has a plant of confidence to taste.

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