Miss Hotel and Miss L’otel


Miss Hotel is a bottle of shampoo, Miss L’otel is a bottle of condition. As sisters, they both have eyes like stars and hair like silk. ‘We are too beautiful for normal families, only the most luxury hotel can match our natural gifts’.

cat in bathTheir wish became true and they have been living in the best hotel of the world, for forty years. ‘Look at the bathtub, it is made of marble!’ ‘And the bed sheets are spotless every minute’. ‘I love the coffee table wood!’ ‘And the lily flowers are changed every day, they smell so fresh and elegant!’ Overtime, Hotel and L’otel lost words to praise. Forty years is a long time to describe one room, no matter how luxurious and glorious it is. Maybe it is time to find a home.

angry-cat-in-bathA business man came but his has big shampoo and condition set at home already. A lady came but she collected all the hotel hair bottles and do not find Hotel & L’otel too special.

Day after day, month after month, year after year. Hotel and L’otel has less and less left in their bottles so it is time for them to go. Tomorrow they are to be thrown out.

Standing side by side on the window, the sisters look at the night Sky out of the window, as a way to say good bye.

‘We are so lucky’, Hotel said to her sister, ‘We have seen the most beautiful bathtub, smelt the most flagrant lily, stood on the most expensive wood. We have never suffered from pouring rain, whistling wind and scotching sun. We are as beautiful today as the day we were born.’

‘Maybe not. L’otel suddenly felt a pain she could not describe. ‘We have never laughed from the bottom of heart, cried of the deepest sorrow. We have never smelt the grass, caught the dragonfly in the garden. We have never listened to the ocean sing and heart the bird sing in the woods.’

Miss Hotel and Miss L’otel are two sisters I met in Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong in 2012 in real life. Three years later life had arranged it that I ran into them in the hotel again. They continued their life style as hotel dwellers. 

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