Catcher of the word


Catcher catches words for the King.

Say if the King does not like the word ‘ Photo Frame’ today, it is Catcher’s job to browse all the internet pages, all people’s mobile applications (Facebook, Wechat, Line, Kakaotalk, etc), newspaper, books and papers to search for the word ‘Photo Frame’ and take it away.

He collects the word, dumping it into a cotton bag. When every single word of ‘Photo Frame’ sits obediently in his bag, he then goes to the word keeper. Aloh, the keeper pushes his glasses a little up the nose and writes in his diary – 26th of January, Year 13478, we have caught 13 million uses of ‘Photo Frame’ and every single one is locked in the word safe box.

Hard work for Catcher but even harder for every one else. First they cannot find the word ‘ Photo Frame’. “What is this called?” children point to the flat transparent thing with pictures inside but nobody knows how to describe it. It does not become too long until people don’t know how to deal with photos.  With the disappearance of the vocabulary, gone the concept.

Party aloneGradually, the world outside the word safe box becomes bleaker. People get to the street to work or shop. They want to say things to neighbors or colleagues but they open the mouth and nothing comes out of it. They turn on their computer and mobile phone and find very little text except video games. Newspaper? What is it?

The only happy one is the word keeper, who is partying and dancing with words from morning to dawn. Too bad he is alone as the King went nuts and Catcher cannot remember any words any more.

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