My favorite Wednesday!


Wednesday became my favorite working day this term. Every Wednesday afternoon I got to lead the book club on instructional design and every Wednesday night I got to sit in an awesome course – servant leadership. It means spending four hours on the commute, many many hours of preparation and taking a class together with students who made me feel like an antique.

nemo fishToday is the favorite of my favorite! For the book club I brought my nemo fish so students could throw it to anyone. Whoever caught the nemo fish needs to illustrate their understanding of the ENGAGE model (Energize learners, Navigate content, Generate meanings, Application to real world, Gaugh and Celebrate, Extend learning to actions). The most classic nemo catcher phrase went: ‘I think the best celebration happens in kindergarten. No matter what you do or say, it is always praised and celebrated! After kindergarten, I don’t see much celebration anymore.’ Well, I secretly hoped my nemo fish made her feel like back to kindergarten today.

cat and frogServant leadership course requires students to do a community project to improve their campus experience. With this, I came to know some of the most hilarious ideas carried out true. One team wants to improve the sleeping quality of campus students. The solution was to relocate the frogs around their dormitory. Every one of the volunteer went for a hunting trip to catch frogs and migrate the frogs farther away. Poor frogs must be made quite dizzy. I hope their furnitures were relocated too.

With fish and frog, I completed my favorite Wednesday.


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