Twin islands


There is an island called conscious and an island called action.

People used to travel between the two. They go to the island of conscious if they want to take actions. And they visit the island of action if they have an conscious. Things were all done properly and in order but then both islands wanted to take a dominant position, thinking they are the more important.

So the war broke out and these two islands drifted apart and boats traveling between the two were stopped. Residents on the action island felt like chicken with no heads. They busy themselves without knowing what they are doing. So the place became chaotic. Rubbish is found everywhere and things got all messy. When do we ever think? They ask.

lazy catPeople on the conscious land keep on contemplating and reflecting but no action is ever taken so the place became deserted. Nobody is doing anything since every one is lying on the beach waiting for fruits to fall into their mouths. When do we ever work? They ask.

Something is very wrong but no one knows what. That happens when people live on an isolated island, I suppose.  Some of them started to build boats again and try to explore the other. The lucky ones arrived at the other island after a long time at sea. Ah, I know what I have been missing. The lucky one said! Boat people are rescued.

They are working on a bridge to connect the twin islands these days.


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