Memory Library


Cats in the city are very excited of their new library – memory library. Every cat has a card to borrow, lend, swap memories there. What is even better, each memory is wrapped in the form of a candy. How often a cat can eat a candy!!!

There are a few partitions in the library. On the first floor sits the Fact partition storing information. A mouse candy tells everything about a mouse, so does a milk candy. A cat goes there to have a particular candy to digest every bit of information inside. All candies are refreshed every five years. It is free for all and there is discussion to replace schools with these candies already.

cat in a bubbleThe Feeling partition is on the second floor. If it rains cats and dogs in the monsoon season, cats can go there to have a sunny candy for a change. Having the candy in the mouth, they will experience how it feels to walk around when the sun shines. If the market is short of fishes, they can ask for a gourmet candy. As soon as they taste it, they will feel like sitting in a seafood restaurant having a big plate of pink salmon fish in front of them. This part is free for kittens so a lot of mom cats are waiting in a big queue with their babies. Some of the mom cats are found to share these candies with kittens. They feel a bit embarrassed but the candies are too delicious they said.

The Treasury partition is the only part of the library every cat only has its own candy. Borrowing and lending is impossible. Many cats believe it is more like a bank and they are right. If a cat has had a wonderful trip or birthday, it can choose to save a part of the memory in a wrapping paper, label it and save it under its own archive. A few years later, if it wants to remember that particular trip or birthday, it goes back to take a tiny bit of the memory candy, to chew well and remember things. Some friends decide to save the candies together! That is a good idea!

cats on bikeEconomist cats say this might hamper the GDP growth of cat city, as cats will consume less with such library. Politician cats are already thinking about how to use this in the next election campaign. Military cats complain that such library will soften the minds of cat soldiers and damage the future of a cat empire! But they are pretty ignored by now, as most cats are on their way to the memory library! The library started to attract dogs too!

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