Feed of Minds and feed of Souls


At first I thought these MOOC courses were pretty awesome. They taught me how to form habits to be successful in my life, how to make decisions in a complex world. Wow, great, with all these toolkits and analytical frameworks, aren’t I going to be almighty?

Back Camera

Back Camera

But wait a second. Something is missing. It taught me how to establish habits to succeed, but it didn’t help me to shape an idea of what is success. It taught me frameworks to use in complexity, but it didn’t tell me towards which direction I shall go in the universe of change and chaos.

Isn’t it the most usual situation in our lives – minds are fed but not the souls. For us, who are both creatures of thinking and creatures of feeling. We are trying so hard to be faster, horse, bike, train, flight; telegram, telephone, fax, emails. But do we really know where are we going?


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