Buggers have no words


[Ender’s Game] talks about buggers, the only alien form we know existed. How these buggers communicate with each other is incredible. They have no need of language as their brains are connected. As soon as the Queen bug thinks of something, the rest of the race understand simultaneously. When the Queen bug is destroyed, the whole bug civilization vanishes as there is no single record of their existence due to the lack of oral nor written language.

cat lecturingReading of this book made me raise a few questions about language as a communication tool – why did it come out and how did it evolve.

Studying how French counts usually puts a smile on my face. 70 is said as the sum of 60 and 10. 80 is expressed as 4 times of 20. I mean, what was the French ancestors thinking when they invented the language. Were they feeling such an urgency to educate its people both math and language that they cleverly devised mathematics into a daily language?

And if there is a chance to speak to my ancestor, I will certainly ask about their language too. Any ancient Chinese literature is written with such brevity and beauty that a lot of them sound like songs. Songs, being songs, do not function as a prescription or manual handbook. So every ancient literature we read, we need to fanatically look for what modern interpretation says about it. Since there are many versions of modern interpretations, it is really hard to tell which one reads the author’s mind better. My ancestors, were you trying to teach me how to be a mind reader?

Buggers you are lucky not to have this trouble.


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