Wine and dine on the web?


Working on this tea MOOC course has been a most interesting and frustrating experience at the same time. Of course, via the Internet, we can talk about the trade, economics, making, drinking of tea. But that feels like using Youtube video to teach people how to swim. It just doesn’t do the full job.

To drink tea in a proper way,everything needs to be perfect. From how you grow the tea leaves, to how you find the perfect source of spring water. From choosing the right pot to cook it with the right temperature. Depending on who is making the tea, it will come out with different taste and smell. To know it is not enough, one needs to FEEL it.

Angry Dining CatBeing trained to think and write always using framework, I found it really difficult to replicate such poetic experience into a web-base course. How can you give people a perfect wine and dine experience using 1 and 0 code.

Many years ago, I was asked to write about the future of transportation for an internship with a container shipping company. I wrote about packaging music into containerships and send them around. So the music flows with the sea wave. The company HR might have liked it as I got the job. But now looking more closely at the idea, I am realizing how hard this vision can be materialized and how far it is from today still.


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