The initial contact


Before we had known anything about ourselves, the guest of Earth came to visit. They travelled faster than light, had invented things we have never seen before and acquired our language instantly to begin a conversation.

alien cat‘We would like to learn from you as much as we can. You have things beyond our imagination. You have evolved millions of years ahead us.’ – human asked.

‘We are happy to do so. The only condition is that you need to spread what we have taught you to every single human being. ‘ – guest of Earth answered.

‘I am afraid that is not possible. Only a small group of us can be educated so we have the knowledge, the power to govern the rest of us. You know, not every human being is born with the same quality. We, the elite, have the right to control information inflow, monitor every communication, decide who shall be educated at which level. The elite of human shall be in control of all.’ – The representative of human was quite an idiot and a control freak.

‘In that case, we will leave you some example of our work. But we will continue to travel and find other planet.

cat mummySo gone, the guest of Earth. They left us mysteries such as the pyramid in Egypt and the legend of lake monsters. They also left us to our own arena in which we had to evolve by our own pace. Technology was invented and used not only to improve our lives but also to destruct our lives through wars and fights, in order for some people to gain and win control over other people.

The initial contact between earth and guest of earth was concluded.

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