What MOOCs did change


I was asked and I read a lot this question – what MOOCs really changed? Does it improve the way of teaching? What is so innovative and ground breaking about it? How is it different from online learning and teaching?

I take this question seriously. At the very beginning as a student of MOOC courses, I felt I suddenly have so many windows open to me, I was able to take all kinds of courses online for free. But like million of others, I did not complete every single one of them. I take my fair share being a dropout.

working catRight now after working in this area for some time I started to see how it changed/challenged educators. Educators are shown how subjects are taught by people around the world, in different ways. They started to see the possibility of illustrating concepts, designing exercises in different and expansive ways. I think that is the real impact of MOOCs (an overheated term many people feel, and their doubts are fair). In a way, the wall is breaking down between educators around the world, they are able to see, to compare, to evaluate and eventually to make use of other educators’ teaching resources.

Maybe MOOC is making education more international? Is it a start of teacher help teacher crossing the borders?


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