Late but not behind


Our book club is reading [Brilliance by Design] this term. For the first two session, I selected representative paragraphs so we could circulate difficult vocabulary and discuss them together. But a few students were saying they, confused, found it hard to understand the structure of each chapter. They are lost. I hit the teacher’s blind spot. It is most students’ first time to read an entire book in English how did I forget that!

cat runningTherefore for the third time, I asked each student to take up one passage of the chapter we were supposed to go through. Each was to write the title of the passage and explained to all of us what that passage talks about. Then all together we drew a mind map how each part is linked and corrleated to establish the chapter.

cat familyTwo students were late as they had other engagements prior. That was even better. The rest of students needed to brief the two what had been discussed. The new comers would then lead the group to come up with a new mind map – suggestions to the author – how to improve the structure of this chapter. ‘Maybe you can email the author’. I said.

Students were happy and engaged. They understood better. It was a challenging session as they could not stop thinking. (A couple of them was stuck some times.) What I found particularly satisfying was for the two students who came late, they were late but were not left behind.


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