Tiger Moms


People with teaching or tutoring experience in my book club ended up talking about the special type of ‘customers’ they had to deal with – parents.

Parents are a very interesting group teacher or tutor interacts with. A lot of them are very stressed. They protect their children keenly (maybe to an extreme extent for Western standard). The criteria they use to measure the excellence of their products – children – is their school performance. Again the school performance is measured by a narrow ruler – exam marks. They put a LOT of pressure on their beloved little ones.

We talked about interesting cases – children wanting to do good in school in order to please their parents, to get material rewards, to avoid penalty. ‘I want to study well otherwise my dad will take away my smart phone.’ Some kids say. One tutor said ‘I was fired by the mom as the student I tutored scored 89 in her exam, 1 point less than 90, the expectation of the mom’.

tiger mom

Tiger moms are every where. I have no doubt they only want the best of their children. They put their ambitions of the world onto their children . They make big sacrifice to ensure their children’s exam success from early on.

Some one once said that long time ago women used to marry in order to be someone: if a woman wanted to be a doctor, she married one, if a woman wanted to be an architect, she married one. Nowadays, if a woman wants to be some one, she gives birth to and trains one. The process is much longer but more under her control, I assume.

Don’t get me wrong, I have respect for tiger moms but I just would not want one myself, I guess.

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