To borrow or to steal


I went to a forum today by graduate and Phd students of education technology major. What I realized is how influential US is in the space. Students talked about bringing products such as Scratch or Y-Plan to this part of the world.

I am very aware of how far US has travelled in this space. But my constant thoughts are if we can just take these plans and concepts to another market and be sure they will work.

travel catIn my opinion, a lot of localization or customization work needs to be done. The social environment, family and school support network differ in so many ways that we need to consider very carefully what will work and what needs to be changed in order to ensure the effectiveness of just taking something from a foreign context. Like KFC or McD who tweaked their product offerings globally, for education products I very much see the same action needed.

It is something I would encourage students to think about and act upon.


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