While traveling in Barcelona several years ago, I encountered a Spanish who passed me a note with an address and insisted me checking out that place on any Tuesday night at 20 pm. I took a leap of faith and went (with a lot of debate with myself of course). What I found was a community rehearsal for Casteller, an annual human tower competition, a Catalan tradition. I was pleasantly surprised. human tower

Last term I was introduced to a university campus course called The Way to Success. It is an optional course for a number of premium universities, to teach the students certain leadership skills. What is particularly interesting is the structure of the course. The course is taught by various lecturers on a variety of topics such as project management, team building, time management, etc. Every class (usually of 120 students), at the same time, has 1 assigned class mentor and 4 teaching assistants. The 120 students are divided into 12 groups, 2 group leaders for each. Every 3 groups are put into 1 tribe, administrated by 1 teaching assistant. Class mentor helps 4 teaching assistants. 4 teaching assistants support 24 group leaders and the 24 group leaders lead 120 students.

Aha, the magic use of Casteller in classroom teaching.

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