Setting Rules


From this term I will go to Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) to organize a reading club on weekly basis. The club has around ten students from Education Technology major and most of them are graduate students. We will read [Brilliance by Design] and everything is voluntary based.

Last Tuesday we had our first session. Bearing in mind what I had learnt in my MBA program, I decided to set rules at the very beginning. The three rules I proposed are (1) Always be respectful to each other (2) Give every one the opportunity to speak (3) Do not interrupt others.

‘Are there any other rules you would like to set for the club? This will be your only and last chance to decide the rules. ‘ I reminded the students it is important to create rules which they themselves need to follow afterwards. I was expecting silence but here came the surprise.

cats rule
‘I wonder if we shall set rules regarding how we use mobiles in such occasion.’ ‘What about people who are late or absent without pre-warning, what shall we do about these behavior?’.  Students spoke up one by one, with very good quality reasoning. All together we established the whole set of rules which will govern this club from now on.

I liked my club already.

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