Today I learnt that websites a friend used to download translated kindle books (kindle REN, kindle 114, DU YUAN) are all gone. She is devastated. I myself do not use these websites therefore I am not closest to feel her frustration. But I did ask a question – Why? What is the thinking behind blocking people’s access to books? I went back to search the most famous person who prosecuted books, some one who ordered to burn all the books in history. Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Why did he do this?

sad cat‘One by one, Qin Shi Huang defeated neighbouring states, swallowed their territory into his growing empire and enslaved and castrated their citizens.’ 
He not only burned the books but also buried scholars alive.

What drives it? Hunger for power? Relentless desire for control? Huge ego with zero tolerance for different opinions?

The historical celebrity whose aim was to conquer all states, conquer the nature and conquer human wisdom, can you feel the desperation of this little friend of mine – who has no appetite becoming a hero but only a cry for access to books, to make her life with a little extra peace, romance and happiness.


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