Growth vs. Fixed Mindset


Rock climbing was killing me, almost. I was up in the air with my legs weak and shivering. My hands could not give me any strength any longer. Seeing from such a height others were so small that they looked like ants. Literally I had neither strength nor bravery to continue so I was pleading to my guide – ‘Please put me down’. I was so scared.

cat on ropeEven my voice was too weak so nobody was hearing what I was saying. I wish I had brought my mobile phone so that I could ring someone on the ground ‘put me down!!”. Why did I come here, whose stupid idea was that to try to be a spider woman! There proved little point to complain either. I was too high from the human down there and too low from the God up there. I just wanted to cry – I can’t do it.

Nobody was paying any attention to my inner struggle and eventually my stubbornness came back to me. (I had no choice). I got to do better. My hands and legs were still weak so I had to give them some rest. My eyes were actively engaged to search for points of support. What are the possible position I can support myself the best and climb up. 50% of the time my stubbornness bite me, 50% of the time it got me lucky. This time lucky strike!climbing cat

This morning when I was taking my MOOC course – Unleash yourself, Success mindset, I came to better understand growth mindset and fixed mindset. People with a fixed mindset believes intelligence and capability come with birth and do not change no matter what. If one wins, one is a winner. If one loses, one is a loser. The opposite growth mindset asserts practice and efforts pay off and increase our intelligence and capability. The experience of losing offers a great ground to learn and grow and succeed the next time. My theory is that even fixed or growth mindset are not fixed. Nobody is in one mindset forever. My rock climbing was a pretty good case study how I swing through these two mindsets.

Most MOOC learners, I assume, have a growth mindset. Again, I need to give my praise to MOOCs, which helps people who believe they can grow a tool to do so.


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