Tomorrow I want to


New year again and of course, we are making our new year resolution. (or for some people, copying and pasting the last year ones)

FutureLearn MOOC platform launched an interesting social campaign Tomorrow I Want To. People’s new year goals range from ‘To have a better night sleep’ to ‘To build a better robot’. In a rough summary, 35% of respondents’ goals fall into ‘Learning’ category (learn a new language, learn about energy, learn to code, learn about Orions). Then it goes on to self improvement (27%), explore and travel (15%), self discovery and realisation (such as have one’s own cake shop, 12%) and read (11%).

Tomorrow I Want To

Around the same time, a community based in Shanghai announced a campaign very similar ‘Tell us about your new year goal’. Similar to that of European peers, Chinese 20-40 something want to improve themselves (14%), self discovery and realisation (24%), mixed (22%). A very unique category emerged from this survey is the goal relating to relationship and marriage. 31% of those who answered want to either find a partner or get married/settle down or to have a baby.

The differences in goals between the two sample populations can be explained by several possible reasons. Firstly, differences in platforms: FutureLearn is a MOOC platform therefore the participant pool is skewed towards those who want to learn. The Shanghai community is a location based enterprise attracting people with more diversified purposes and priorities. Secondly, the influence of culture. Chinese culture still sees settling down as an important objective to achieve while European cultures less emphases so. Rather the society is more accepting individualised agendas. However I do not have data to quantify culture variances.


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