The emperor’s new clothes – what happens after


The emperor’s parade ended in comedy but not for the emperor himself. On the contrary, he was outraged. He did not want to punish the tailors but rather he had a much more ambitious plan for his kingdom. ‘From today, no one shall have his/her own mind except to follow mine’. He called for several proposals and was particularly satisfied with one plan.

In this plan, several work units were to setup. The first one ‘Cradle’ connect directly with hospitals. Every new born baby is sent there to have an ‘Educational’ injection. The injection makes sure babies come out as a clean slate. Every single possible mind storage is erased after they come out of Cradle.

The second unit ‘Pipeline’ places babies on a perfectly smooth production line. Each is fed nutritious food and nutritious mind. Round and round, a voice repeats itself in the ‘Pipeline’ unit – Nakedness is the best clothing. Nakedness is the best clothing. No deviation of thought or act is allowed. Average is normal. If the sound stops, the feeding stops automatically.

‘Transformer’ is a third unit setup specially for grown ups who exhibit deviant ideas or behaviour. Like the babies, the grownups receive an ‘Educational’ injection but with a much larger dose. Then they are put into separate rooms for serious transformation. Until their mind waves have shown absolute coherence with that of the emperor, they are locked in the transformer unit in fear of their negative influence to the society and disturbance of societal stability.

king cat‘Alas’, exhaled the emperor, jumping up and down from his glorious seat. He has a beautiful picture in front of him – every day he is going to make the parade and every single citizen of his empire will sincerely worship him and his new clothes. There is nothing better than a kingdom united with a single-mind.


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