So long, 2014!


With a slight sense of guilty, I noticed this is probably my last blog in year 2014 after a long pause. Much more have had been done than written for my 2014. And I made it one of my 2015 goals: to write more and to write better.

Exciting catI heard many public complaints about poor teaching quality (a large extent is claimed to be the existing measuring system which skews towards research not teaching). Miraculously all the instructors I work with devote themselves to teaching. Of course they have to multi-task. But they go extra miles to understand the people sitting in the classroom and to contemplate how they can teach (online) better.

The end of this year also witnesses the disappearance of Gmail out of our sight. Gradually even an Apple device such as iPhone or iPad does not receive Gmail.  I heard one person’s response to the shut down of Google service as ‘It is for the stability of the society’. Day goes on, sun also rises. I came to learn for some people, internet freedom and society stability do not stand together. Whether this is a genuine belief or a planted seed, I have no means to identify.

The third thing I started quite a lot of thinking is the capacity to accept diversity. With a consensus driven upbringing, I found the word tolerance easy to say than do. This is a long way to go, for me and for people like me.

With so many thoughts wandering in my mind, I have summarised one sentence for my 2014. It has been beyond my expectation and it is exhilarating.


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