What does success taste like?


I have received a really interesting mission from a lifelong learning institution. The institution organised lectures by experts in psychology, art, literature, tourism etc and recorded all of them. My mission is to convert these videos, made the output free and open to all, especially to those who could not attend the live lectures in person.
Of course I am super excited about what is coming but before the excitement, I have a big question to ask – what does success of this project look like?

Number of people who viewed these videos? Number of people who completed these videos? Stories of how these videos changed people’s lives? Number of people who talk about these online lectures and share with their friends and families?

hungry cat

In a commercial environment, the answer is pretty straight-forward. Profit = Revenue – Cost. The portion of what you gain minus what you pay translates to the success of a profit seeking organisation. But in learning for life long learners, how do you definite the metrics? What does success taste like?


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