Freedom of a fish


There are two kinds of freedom for a fish:

It can swim in a fish tank with clear boundaries. Within the boundary he goes wherever he wants to go in whichever style. Or it can live in a tightening fishing nest. He enjoys the freedom if he figures out how to break the nest.

cat and fishOur neighbourhood became a marketplace during the National Holiday. As it is known there will be no officials to regulate the streets during holidays, every one came out to sell something. A truck loaded with carpets, fruits, a van full of clothes, some hangers to sell shirts. Our street is covered by shoes, toys, scarf. From a bird view, it is an impressive Walmart, bustling with heat and noises.  The only pity is that I used to find (pirate) book vendors a few years ago but book vendors never near my sights any more.

The couple I met in McDonalds said: ‘Who said China does not have freedom. It is the most free country ever. ‘ The guy pointed to these street vendors full of pride.

Depending on how you frame freedom. I thought.


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