Shift of perspectives


I am able to access both Facebook and Wechat, two very different worlds, sometimes contradictory. I am not sure if this is fortunate or unfortunate.

But it does allow me (lately urge me) to shift perspectives, especially during this time (this age).

confused catMy biggest takeaway switching between these two worlds is to shift perspectives. It is not easy. At the beginning when I heard things from another world, I went thinking”What? That is really what you think? Are you kidding me?”. But the more I hear people talking, the more I realised how much we are labelled by our backgrounds, values imposed on us, and how hard it is to convince people on the other side to even to listen. But we have to, otherwise there is no possibility of a conversation.

The only thing I can do is to always remind myself to respect any individual, no matter how far his/her view differs from mine. I wish I had more of that capacity than I currently have.


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