Breakfast at McDonalds


I was doing some writing works in McDonalds this morning then I heard someone talking to me,’ Your handwriting is so beautiful, can I talk to you?’

Mcd catThat was how I started a three hour conversation with a couple who happened to be having breakfast in McDonalds. In export business, this couple leads a comfortable middle income class life. We talked about a lot of things – how their parents moved to rural villages during Cultural Revolution, how they would like their children to be able to follow their own passions. This is what I enjoy about being here – you can meet strangers who are sincere and not shy to share their thoughts, who are seeking for spiritual food beyond pure materialism.

We eventually hit an inevitably spiritual topic – meaning of life. Their curiosity drives them to seek something of higher purpose – meaning of life. It is a difficult question and I believe every one has his/her own answer to it. I am not able to provide them with a formula but I encouraged them to keep on looking.

Today is a normal day but I have gained a little sense of achievement – I was able to exert a bit of influence to strangers. We will meet again.


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