My first editing work


I took my first (free) editing project. My mission was to convert a video record of a two hour lecture on psychology into an online course ‘due to my experience in MOOCs’.

cat editingI spent four hours watching the video twice. It was a really engaging session for those who attended the lecture in person. The speaker cracked a few jokes and organised quite a few fun games. At the same time I am pretty sure no one in front of the computer can sit through this for the whole two hours so I needed to make a decision what to keep and what to cut.

I decided to select around seven sessions which mostly last for 5 minutes each. Each 5 minute session shall include a concept new to us, a concept we can easily apply in our day to day situation. And I decided to put a question – type title for each session: Why people usually cover their nose when they lie? Would you sit on my lap? What do you talk about with a stranger, love, sex, music or sports?

My next step is to connect these sessions in a logical way. This is a fun project I received.

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