A new world for a new day


Luck did not visit me too often recently. After having network problems, working with some rude people, I found my wallet gone in a raining morning. Yesterday was quite a bad day.

This morning I woke up with an email in my mailbox. Learners of ‘Exploring English’ MOOC course setup a social media page to share photos of their hometown. View of mountains from a North Italy house window, a natural lake in Yangon, garden in a German neighbourhood, seaside from Brittany. It was simple breathtaking. Looking at the beautiful tapestry of how learners present their home with pride, I totally forgot the tiny problems I  had.

ChristinaCatAndMiceOnFlyingCarpetAnimatedByHeatherGillI took the subway to go to a reading club event afterward. My mind was still wholly occupied by these postcard quality photos around the world. Compared to the open education initiative started ten years ago, this time the online education is so differently. Students took their own initiatives to come up with really beautiful creations. Internet has unlocked a very very powerful force – a force by millions of learners to create and share.

Yesterday I lost my wallet, my bank cards and ID cards all gone. But as my close friend rightly said – It is just a matter of time and process to get everything back. I walked out of the subway train and felt I was stepping into a new world, leaving my worries in that passing train compartment, light-hearted again.

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