Can videos replace textbooks?


I used to read hardcopy books. Then I switched to ebooks. Since I discovered tablet application to download videos, I started to do most of my learning by watching videos downloaded. 

It is super convenient, I can do it any time anywhere. (Recently I spent quite some time in hospital. While my mother was receiving her drip dIffusion, I was sitting next to her listening to videos about online learning). It is also a great way to use my ears more than to use my eyes. My eyesights got worse facing computer screen for long so it is good for a change.

cat-using-ipad-jpgWould videos replace textbooks? Maybe not now as there are still some drawbacks using videos as a tool to absorb information. As a user, I also started to write a few things I wish were there to support my audio learning. 

I wish there is a tool for me to take notes and form a mind map when listening to these videos. Many times I felt really enlightened and wish I had a pen to sketch it down, to represent my learning in a larger knowledge map.

I could not focus on a video more than 20 minutes even though I am really interested in the subject. Some of the videos about MOOCs are recordings of conferences and span 80 minutes. I admired the conference audience sitting in the room for so long without a break. I myself, as someone watching it from my tablet, can never last longer than 20 minutes. I wish these videos were shorter, modularised and indexed. 

I also wish there was a search function for these videos. Just as there is a search function for ebooks so I can quickly jump to the chapter I am particularly keen to read. 

Hope some entrepreneurial minds spot the opportunities here and make a go!


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