When life gets harder, keep paddling


Sentence of the day – When life gets harder, keep paddling. 

cat swimmingI do remember my paddling days. Going to Stanley Beach every Sunday for two hours training on the sea. We had such a great team that giving up was never an idea even conceived. It was amazing how this training transformed my physical shape and my mental world. Looking back, that beautiful experience taught me great deal of persistence.

I was talking with a few friends last night about the topic persistence. K told me when he interviews people, he usually asks if the candidates do sports and since when in order to get a sense of their persistence. To a greater extent, I agree his approach. 

Just keep going. 



2 thoughts on “When life gets harder, keep paddling

  1. talking about sports, i started regular exercise now, not frequent, just every 2-3 days, swimming, running and biking. my objective is to do a spring triathlon (750m swimming, 20km biking and 5km running) in 2015.

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