The knowledge buffet


According to a recent article of The Atlantic, students treat MOOC courses like a buffet, sampling materials according to their interests and needs. So knowledge is at your finger tips. 

catbuffetIf MOOCs provide us a buffet, how do we measure its success?

In a buffet, we encourage consumers to complete the food they take. Anyone who takes the next course without finishing the last one shall be really ashamed of himself. But in the world of online education, can we enforce that rule?

We measure the success of a buffet restaurant by its traffic, not consumers’ completion rate. And a restaurant goer pays. Can we use the same metrics for a knowledge buffet restaurant? Should a knowledge customer pay? If so when does the charging point happen? At the viewing stage or at the assessment stage or social interaction stage.

With a lot of research going on about online education, I felt the research on business model shall follow as well. 


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