What is Education?


M told me a definition of education during our coffee chat – Education is what is left after you forget all that is taught. I believe he touched a very deeper level of education, the part that became part of who one is eventually.

cat reading paperThat kind of education shapes who we are and is offered via a general environment. It is via our parents, our friends and families, our classmates, the museums, libraries around us. All of them influenced us so gradually that we often forget it is a process of education as well. 

Therefore saying MOOC is revolutionising our education system is a bit of an exaggeration. MOOC provides us with information and knowledge. But to be knowledgable is different from being educated. When we talk about learning and teaching, education technology, I think it is important to define which kind of education is being transmitted first. 


One thought on “What is Education?

  1. uduse

    To me, education means enlightenment that help people really realize what they want and how to get what they want. I agree that MOOCs are mostly providing mere information and knowledge. However, the concept of “MOOC” has educated me – I realized how important for one to be an active learner and be responsible for his or her own learning experience. And I believe no matter how much I forget the stuff I learned in MOOCs, this revelation will accompany throughout my life.

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