The magic book


There is something MOOCy about how the MOOC workshop shares its conference content differently this year compared to last year. In 2013, the workshop shares its researching findings via slides and phd summaries. This year the sharing is all done via videos of live sessions recorded and uploaded on Youtube

Yes, you are right. Learning is being MOOCed. 

cat-video-729-2-620x349Which format do I prefer? It is hard to say though.

I am a fast reader therefore I read pdf relatively fast. Slides are good but many times readers are lost in what the graphs and pictures are trying to convey without actually listening to the presentation once.

Videos on Youtube work for me now but will be less so after I go back to China. I am distracted easily when listening to these videos which easily go beyond one hour. So I am finding myself checking smartphone, Facebook while the conference videos are playing. I am also not interested in the part of people acknowledging sponsors etc. For a textbook I can just flip through contents I judge less relevant. But it is hard to do in a video. I feel unsure fast forwarding as there is no way I can find out if I miss important messages or not. I am a bit frustrated that I cannot take a more active role in my learning pace.

Does text win video? Not 100%. Listening to these videos somehow makes learning a bit casual and reduce my perceived brain load. I downloaded a few on my iPad so in the future I can listen to them during commutes. A good speaker who choose talking points wisely makes me less a victim overwhelmed by information ocean, losing sight what is important. Rather he/she helps me construct an effective learning map fairly quickly.

So is video a special type of magic textbook for the future? It is at least a question worth to ask.


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