I feel like Penny


No kidding. My neighbour, a freshman of computer science major in Carnegie Mellon is showing me the iPhone apps he built to turn on room light and shoot a gun.

Penny-and-Sheldon-XD-the-big-bang-theory-29337534-765-544A big fan of [Big Bang Theory], I used to REALLY make sure I finished my work before 5:30 pm so I could go home to watch the Big Bang Theory TV show starting at 6 pm every day. Sitting on the couch, I watched the geeks making robots to attach each other and giggled. I thought – wow, that is really cool and imaginative.

Today after the 19 year old who showed me his apps to turn on dorm room light, I saw the real figure of Sheldon coming out alive. The ‘Sheldon’ went on trying to teach me what he is learning in college about optimisation, data visualisation, what is the difference between programming and computer science. I used to feel like nerdy, today I feel like Penny.


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