Look into the future


cat captainYes, I had a lot of coffee chats recently. In one of them, S threw out a really interesting question – how does MOOC look like in ten years?

I would, however, like to re-frame the question and break it down into two parts: (1) how does the web-based, open-access education look like for university ecosystem in ten years? (2) how does the web-based, open-access education look like for professional/vocational training in ten years?

The reason I modified the question slightly is, first, I am not too sure if the M (Massive) would stay relevant in a decade. To have a video-based instruction for millions of users, Youtube or TED talk, serve the purpose. To interact with millions of peer students on the internet is a mission impossible. We have the web technology to scale up buying and selling, searching for information, but is good education scalable? I do not have an answer.

I also divorce university system and vocational training as they are of different  nature and structure. University system carries a social mission to provide education as a human right, as well as a responsibility to advance research. Corporate training, on the other hand, is driven by commercial interest, funded by the private sector, to develop, retain human capital.

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me how the future will fall!


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