Student self-made online lessons


A news caught my attention yesterday: new education site in China turns to student to make lessons. Quickly I jumped to this Kuxuexi website which means Cool Study in Chinese.

The current website looks like a Chinese youtube with contents based on traditional school curriculum. What I like about it is the simple video format, nothing fancy but a voice over a writing pen. This means relatively low production/operation cost. No other function such as assignment, discussion is available.

cat cycleI guess the biggest selling point of the idea is that the videos are supposed to be made by students themselves. After checking a few videos, I doubt the validity of such statement. The voice of several videos ranging from English subject to math subject is the same, the teaching approach is exactly homogeneous. I would suggest investors to carry out further due diligence on this value proposition.

Founder of Kuxuexi is an ex-general manage of Youku in China (Chinese version of Youtube), therefore even the business model of Kuxuexi is quite a replicate of Youku. Even lesson starts with 30 second advertisement (most of them are about video games as it is simply one of the most lucrative segment among people of school age).

Based on a quick observation, I would give a 2 out of 5 for the rating. Making a MOOC platform in China is not easy as the competition is extremely high and products are very similar. Hope some day some platform does stand out of the crowd.


2 thoughts on “Student self-made online lessons

  1. hi Minji,
    I am Lee and founder of

    nice to read ur bolg,STUDENT SELF-MADE ONLINE LESSONS and thank you for ur attention on our project and suggests.

    actually “new education site in China turns to student to make lessons” is not that 100% accurate. the student here we mean straight A students, they are not only have very excellent academic capability, but very good presentation skill, crossover knowledge and creative mind. We believe those top 5% of top university students really know how to study. Let them to contribute their know how to all students, parents and teacher. They developed many interesting ways of presenting knowledge points to students and help them engage enjoyably in the learning process. highly leverage a fun study-land with interesting images, informative content and inspirations. Want to learn how the elastic force works? How about while watching a NBA game? Want to learn the usage of fraction? How about while watching comic… The teaching methods are so various that students can have many ways to engage in the learning process. We believe our teachers are really understand students, because they are post 90’s. just like our slogan “ let the post 90’s generation teach the post 00’s.

    regs our subjects, has covered nearly all subjects and key knowledge points from primary school grade one to senior high grade three. Though not being able to serve as a thorough replacement of traditional teaching, can be seen as the key to intrigue the curiosity of students. In this way, students are motivated and trained the self-learning capability, and encouraged with greater independence in learning.
    Moreover, we are offering some subjects, such as low, medical science and finance, expand its coverage of content from subjects to everyday knowledge.

    we don’t have biz model so far. all contents are free. We let Youku to host our content, since we don’t have money to develop our own bandwidth and CDN. advertisements belongs to Youku. actually Kuxuexi is open to work anyone. Besides Youku, we work with most of video portals in China, such as Tudou, Sohu, Sina, Tencent, IQiyi…like our mission let all Chinese can learn academy knowledge in anywhere and anytime by free.

    right now , more and more schools and teachers are using our content in the classroom.
    Our app lunched in Feb, 2014 and within the 2 months, we are recommended as one of The Best Edu App by Apple, both iphone and ipad, in China.

    In the coming 2 months, we will lunch another interest apps. will update you!

    again, thx ur blog.

    in addition, would u like to put me in your wechat, if you have. my ID is Kuxuexi



    • Hi,Lee

      Thanks for the detailed explanation regarding my commentary blog on Kuxuexi, I do like the idea of letting students producing their own videos. I look forward to your new app. Have also subscribed to Kuxuexi wechat account. Best of luck!

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