From no me to All about me


There was no ‘Me’ during the last generation. Everybody dressed the same, thought the same, ate the same. Self identity was discouraged to the extend of invisible.

During this generation, things turned 180 degree. It is all about ‘ME’. Single child enjoyed the full attention from the entire family. It is all about this one child who gets everything, as much as the family can afford. Today when I asked among the children who would like to sit together with new comers to teach them computer skills they had learned during the last three days, nobody said yes. Even as migrants families, they themselves had been new comers to this city.

cat wantThe two conversations I had with adults I just met reminded me the same – a quite self-centric model. People ordered me what to do based on their wants and wills. They never asked me what do I think. It pretty much feels like – you do it, full stop. Being nice, I was asked to give. Being considerate, I was never asked what do I think or feel.

As a Chinese, I know how to say no in an extremely polite way. As someone who has been convinced the power of influence, now I ponder, does the power of ordering even work?

I hope we find somewhere in between the No Me and the All About Me.


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