Alice in Wonderland


alice in wonderlandI felt like a chicken running around since I got back to China. In reflection, ‘Alice in wonderland’ would prescribe my return more precisely.

Of course, there were times I got frustrated. That was when I could not access Internet freely; when I was yelled at in the airport after I told someone not to cut my line; when I witnessed the state media was being a bit too imaginative and selective; when I heard a potential policy might underplay the importance of English for the young generation.

But more often I got amazed and impressed. Many people are concerned about China’s growth pain: does China lose its soul being busy making money? why there are so many people with bad mannerism? The people around me, however, have shown me a positive energy I have never seen elsewhere.alice in wonderland 2

One of my best friends hosts an NGO to encourage diversity; most people I met for my work are extremely wise and intelligent; my none Chinese friends are devoting a lot of efforts to charity works in spite of obstacles.

Every time I started to sigh, something occurred to make me WOW, as if someone is telling me – be patient for the best to come.

Alice in wonderland, that is it. (if the air could be a bit cleaner and Internet could be a bit freer, I would be perfectly content).


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