Coolest taxi driver!


Ji qi catBack to Shanghai, I met with two friends for dinner, one of whom encountered with the coolest taxi driver.

The average taxi driver earns about RMB4000 per month. This one earns RMB30,000 per month at ease. How does he do that?

The secret is Technology!

1. He uses a taxi ordering app. to select those long distance taxi rides. The most popular taxi app. allows customers to offer tips as a bid, therefore drivers can choose which offer to pick up.

2. He purchased a mobile accelerator which enables him to accept lucrative offers 0.1 second faster compared to other drivers.


3. He offers wifi for his passengers together with a charger able to recharge 9 different types of smartphones.

We also talked about all the new smartphone apps, for example those function as private chef, grocery shopper. Amazed by all these disruptive forces, we attemped to imagine how life looks like in ten years. Of course, the future will far exceed our silly attempt tonight but I felt genuinely very excited.


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