The garden and the king


cat on treeThere were many kings and each owned a garden called ‘Education’. One king particularly loved four plants called STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. But he did not like flowers such as history, philosophy. Gradually his garden grew more and more plants with less and less flowers.

People of that kingdom started to notice that something was missing in theirĀ garden. They went to peep other gardens with beautiful flowers and suggested – ‘we shall have some flowers’.

The king was irritated. ‘STEM plants are the best. We do not need anything else. We have the best plants so our garden is the best!’ To make his point, he built fences around his kingdom so people would not be able to see gardens elsewhere. He also put some fake flowers in the garden. ‘If that can make people satisfied,’ he though, ‘by doing things this way, my people will love my garden by believing it is the best!’

The STEM garden’s plants grew higher, stronger and more powerful but with no flowers.

People, somehow, still have a vague memory what are flowers like. Therefore they made the efforts to travel and visit other gardens. When they came back, they either brought back photos of pretty flowers or seeds of them to grow at home.

Outraged was the king, ‘How dare you! That is a betray!’ So he confiscated photos and seeds of all flowers. The plants grew even wilder and bigger. They took all the space and nutrition needed.

One by one, people left quietly.

Decades later in that particular garden, the STEM trees grew into giants. The king was left alone in his garden, praising everyday how beautiful his garden was becoming. Too bad nobody is around to share his view.

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