600 hours


20-Funny-Shocked-Cat-Memes-4Still in Hong Kong, I met with Professor Raymond, who offered his graduate level math course on MOOC last year.

He was kind enough to share his experience producing and running the course. I was impressed by two facts

1. He spent 600 hours making the videos (excluding assessment part). That is just so much work.

2. For his real graduate course, he uses the online videos to teach and just spends one hour every week for tutorial support.

It is a lot of work but according to him, the way to go for future education. I agree.



One thought on “600 hours

  1. JJCohen

    Hi Minji,
    In a good article on Inside Higher Ed ( http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2014/06/25/can-moocs-lure-international-students-us-colleges-and-universities#sthash.r0DxXKTj.dpbs) there was mention of a MOOC University of Pennsylvania offers on “How to apply to a US university” 🙂 which included this:

    “While most of the courses discussed in the MOOC camps showcase U.S. higher education indirectly, a University of Pennsylvania-produced course is less subtle. “Applying to U.S. Universities,” a four-week course that launched in March, attracted 20,000 enrollees. (Just 398 took the final exam — which, to be fair, isn’t an atypical outcome for a MOOC.)

    IP address data showed that the biggest share of enrollees (about 17 percent) came from China, Hyde said. The U.S. had the second-biggest share, with roughly 16 percent.

    Many of Coursera’s instructional videos are on YouTube, which China blocks. Hyde said there was “a lot of mystery” about how Penn’s MOOC was brought to China. Penn intended for the MOOC to be broadcast in China through mirror websites. Hyde said, however, that he wasn’t sure which Chinese site ended up hosting the course’s videos.”

    So it looks like there is a magic way around the Great Firewall of China? Have you heard anything about that?


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