Would you like a certificate?


MOOC certificate is a hot topic. Among people who asked questions about certificates, Chinese and India learners make up the most. This makes China and India great markets for monetization.

Meanwhile I am spinning my head around, trying to understand why? Why Chinese and Indians produced the majority of certificate seekers?

The first reason is population base. Both countries have a huge population size, which naturally provides more people to take MOOC courses.

But that does not explain all. The second reason I guess is to stand out of the competition. Both countries have relatively more people and less abundant career resources. The common perception would be – if I have more certificates on my CV, the chances of getting an interview would increase. Make sense.

ambitious catBut what might be the immediate consequence for this? Does it mean an ambitious Chinese/Indian learner would try really hard to get it right, to obtain an external reward? Does it prevent learners from being bold and challenging?

There is a pragmatic element in learning, which is to improve one’s career path. There is also a deeper purpose of learning, which is to enhance one’s horizon. This type of learning does not have a certificate but does have a vital impact on one’s life path.


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