The nights I lost my sleep


Recently I lost sleep on three nights.

blue skyOne was on the day I learnt English as a testing subject will phase out in Chinese university entrance exam in the near future. The second was on the day when I learnt some online platform will sell university degree soon (I was worried about higher education quality dilution). The third night was completely a product of my bizarre imagination. In my dream, I was back to Hong Kong in front of the star ferry pier. I saw the most breath taking blue sky ever in my life and could not stop being awed. In the same dream, I found out the reason for such purity was that the government banned on car driving that day due to an international political conference . My heart ached in the dream and I could not sleep any more.

Last night I was reading newspapers on the flight. Every cover story tells about control on wechat. The truth is sitting on the flight seat I just felt love. The feeling of being surrounded by love was so strong that I could not feel frustration any more. It drove my fear and anger away. If there is a bottle to lock the exact moment, I wish to keep forever the ability to understand and forgive.


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