Hundred Family Jacket


I am so sorry I cannot put too much here for a lot of reasons. I am so sorry. 

hundred family clothAccording to the old Chinese tradition, when a mom becomes pregnant, she collects pieces of cloth from one hundred families and sews them together into a jacket. One stitch after another, every stitch puts the love of the mom to the baby.

In 1997, a British family was considering adopting a child. They had 2 boys already. Somehow they could not adopt a third one in UK where they live. One day the Mum was reading a newspaper talking about the orphanages in China and they then knew they should try to adopt from China.

The whole family embraced the idea and gave a name to this baby even before she was born. As it was the first case to adopt a Chinese baby in their neighborhood, it was a learning process. After much screening & paper work the family received the news of their daughter.

This little girl was abandoned at 6 weeks old & lived in an orphanage until she was matched with this family at 9 months old. From the moment she was united with her family she grew in strength & stature.

In the same orphanage, there was another baby who got sick. The family asked what could be done and after careful negotiation the family were allowed to help.

This was the beginning of The Good Rock Foundation.

For seventeen years Good Rock has been working for vulnerable and marginalized children and young people in NW China. With younger children, it is to provide love, education and medical care. With young adults, it is to provide vocational training so that they can leave the orphanages with real work employability.

The baby girl grew into a joyful young lady. She treasures her hundred family jacket.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to help Good Rock Foundation via


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