It’s official – I am illiterate


I had thought I was an avid reader until a friend of mine shared with me how she spent her first year in college.

‘It is a year-long course where students immerse themselves in literature, philosophy, art, and the humanities. Ninety freshmen live in the same residence hall, eat dinner three times a week with their professors, write a ten page paper a week, and have a private writing tutor to critique their work. There is even a resident tutor to assist in the evening hours.’

The idiotThe more research I did about it, the more I felt my university education had been completely wasted.  I did learn about how to calculate WACC (weighted average cost) which helped to land me a job after university. But I had very little (close to zero) exposure to western literature, philosophy and humanities. I was relatively well geared for a job but extremely ill prepared to be a well-rounded human.

In the hope there is less people like me, I list some good reading programs in this blog post:

The great books are those books that are thought to constitute an essential foundation in the literature of Western culture.

Directed Study for freshman at Yale University.

Core Curriculum used by Columbia College.

Stanford’s Structured Liberal Education for freshman.

Officially I felt illiterate and I guess I would probably feel more so when I learn and read more.


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